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In the first of a series of guest posts, Mike Theodoulou from 1UpSearch.co.uk talks about using PPC as part of your Email Marketing strategy.

So, you’ve been building your mailing list with Sign-Up.to for some time, you’ve got to grips with sending mails, you probably understand your database and how it responds to an email. You may have even tried the new A/B testing tool and figured out what kind of emails work best for response rates.

Maybe you’re selling a product direct, or slowly growing a community who will give you more and more business as their trust grows.

Whatever your situation, there will hopefully come a time when you come to the conclusion that you need a bigger list. More enthusiastic subscribers reading your emails = more revenue, right?

Why PPC?

  1. PPC provides instantaneous traffic.
  2. It is very transparent and measurable in terms of traffic sources.
  3. You can turn the traffic on and off at will.
  4. You will be able to accurately measure your Return on Investment.
  5. You can learn a great deal about your market, and apply this knowledge to other parts of your business.

Sounds great right? Well, there are a couple of small downsides.

For one, proper PPC is a process that takes time to learn, and while you are learning, you are spending money. Either your company’s money or your own. I hear this kind of thing again and again from people that I meet:

“That PPC stuff doesn’t work. I tried it, spent loads of money and never saw any return.”

How do you prevent this happening to you? Well, there are three different types of skills you need to think about developing to make sure you succeed:

  • Creative skills are needed to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) by writing compelling and focused ad copy that more searchers will click.
  • Trading skills are needed to keep costs per click down by managing your bid amounts and bid types.
  • Technical skills are needed to effectively organize the keywords you bid on into different ad groups with matching ad copy and landing pages.

Often, big companies will have specialists to do each part of this, with a creative agency taking care of the ad copy and design, a media buyer doing the trading, and the techies producing web pages, video and so on.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at how to get further into PPC with Google Adwords, and how you can develop each of these skills.

This series should help you ease into building your mailing lists up with Pay Per Click advertising, and will hopefully provide some good tips from those of you who are already running campaigns.

Mike Theodoulou is a Senior Consultant at 1upSearch.co.uk (www.1upsearch.co.uk)
Read Mike’s Blog (http://www.1upsearch.co.uk/author/michael-theodoulou)
Follow Mike On Twitter (http://twitter.com/mtheodoulou)

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