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Permission Marketing is all about building a relationship with your subscribers, beginning with asking for their permission to make an appearance in their inbox. So what better way than using a data capture form to do just that? lets you create customised subscription forms in just a few minutes. Subscribers will automatically be added to your account ready for you next email or SMS campaign. Keep your forms as simple as possible; make it easy to sign up and you’ll find that people are more willing to subscribe. Consider carefully the information you’re demanding – this is only your first contact with them after all! You need their email address and possibly their name so you can personalise your messages. That’s it!  Ask a few questions if you need to but don’t over complicate things as this will just push them away.

When using data capture forms an opt-in email will be sent to allow the subscriber to confirm their subscription. Setting up a custom opt-in email allows you to enter the text you want your subscribers to see. At this stage you should remind them what the confirmation is for and when they will hear from you. will automatically send a default custom opt-in email if one is not set – this is required for true permission marketing, and that’s what we are all about!

If you can find the time, setting up your own custom response can only help to start building the trust between you and your subscribers. Here’s our handy guide to creating custom opt-in emails.

Using forms to gain subscribers is great but what can you do to actually make them want to subscribe? Incentives are a great way to grab a person’s attention and convince them to fill in your form. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big costly incentive; a simple email with tips can be a great way to get subscribers to join.

A tips email is a good example of the benefits of our great auto responder tools. If you want to contact a new subscriber straight away, or after an easily customised delay, you can set up a response campaign with a few clicks. There’s no limit as to how many responses you can schedule as the result of a subscription to your form.

Auto Responders can also be used to send a welcome email and thank your new subscriber for joining. You can also set up weekly tips to send out and every email that is sent can still be fully tracked. Find out more about setting up Auto Responders.

Once you have new subscribers remember that they are trusting you with their permission to contact them, so handle their details carefully! Try to only send them the information they are expecting to receive, when they expect to receive it. Subscribers can revoke their permission at any time so approach your email marketing carefully.

Here is an example of a very simple form:


So how easy and quick is it to setup a form within your account? Very Easy!

Creating a data capture form:
Once you have created your list within the Capture section, you can add a data capture form by clicking on the ‘Add Item to List’ icon ( scroll) and select ‘create a new form’. You can edit a form at any time, and you will not need to change the form link, even if you change the list the form is linked to. You may have as many forms as you like that all add to the same list, so feel free to experiment with a few styles and see what works best for you.

Step 1

The first stage of creating a form is to give it a name that you will recognise in your account. Add any header / footer images you would like to use and change any colour settings to make the form fit in with your company’s theme.

Step 2

Here you are given the chance to enter the text you wish to display at the different stages of the subscription. If you do not enter anything our default text will be used, but remember this is a great opportunity to reach out to your subscribers and make sure they complete the process, so it’s usually best to make these hints and pointers as relevant as possible. Use text carefully to remind them what they are subscribing to and use the opportunity to ask them to add your email ‘from address’ to their contact list which will help ensure delivery.

Step 3

This final step will show you the link for the form you have just created. You can then use this to add to your website, emails and any other advertising space you have. You can retrieve this link any time after the form have been created by using the pencil button and selecting ‘get form links’.

Once these 3 simple steps have been completed (2 really as the final stage doesn’t require any input) then your form is ready to go!

Using double opt-in and why it’s important

The confirmation email is a vital part of ensuring that your data complies with the data protection laws, and gives complete trust that you’re not an evil ’spammer’. It’ll also prevent any mistyped email addresses from ending up on your lists, which in turn prevents you from aggravating innocent recipients or their email providers. It’s important to consider your reputation at all times as this will affect your delivery rates, so avoiding mistakes is a massive plus.

You can also mention in the confirmation text that an email will be sent to them so they are prepared for it.

You can easily see any data capture forms, custom opt-in emails and auto responders you have associated with  lists in your account. An example shown below:


There’s a huge potential to organically grow your lists with these tools, so why not see what you can do? Don’t forget, if you need a customised form, or even if you’d just like some assistance with some of the techniques discussed in this article, we’re only a phone call or email away. 0845 299 0119 /