UK Email Marketing Benchmark – 2011 Edition Out Now

1 minute read

After much number crunching and graph making, we’ve just released the 3rd annual edition of our email marketing benchmark report.

The 2011 UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report is the most comprehensive benchmark for small-medium sized organisations in the UK and uses the results of over 500 million UK email campaigns to provide performance figures for 23 separate sectors.

It’s available completely free of charge and this year we’ve incorporated some neat interactive charts to make it easier to visualise the result. We’ve also made a PDF version available for you to download and print.

As well as open, click-through and unsubscribe rates we take a look at deeper measures of engagement, including click-to-open and unsubscription-to-open (if you’re unsure on these terms, you should also check out our guide to email analytics.

Benchmarks are a great starting point for measuring your online marketing efforts, particularly if you’re just starting out, but it’s important to remember that benchmarking against your own previous results is the most important thing to do as everyone’s audiences differ. Constantly testing and trying to beat your own results is the best way to increase your returns.