The Rundown Report: video ads, digital health and Tokyo design week!

2 minute read

How’s your week been? Here are our top five stories from the week gone by.

1. Video ads arrive on Instagram!

We knew it was coming but this week Instagram video ads are a go-go, with the likes of Disney giving it a go. What do you think of this latest development? Will it put you off using the photo app?

2. Microsoft’s push into the digital health market

Microsoft has unveiled its first wearable device that can track a user’s sleep and exercise. Retailing at £125, it has been compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Fit.

3. Design week in Tokyo!

This week marked a big event in Japan, with thousands flocking to Tokyo Designers Week. The Verge have showcased just a handful of designs and wow, oh wow!

Tokyo designers week

4. How are you going to maintain your email marketing success over Christmas?

In a recent article over on Entrepreneur, Jonathan Long has taken a look at the steps you could take over the upcoming festive period to ensure you maintain those all-important open and click through rates.

5. A happy ending

To end the week, a happy story. Toby the dog went missing in Woking (near HQ) recently and it was feared he was stolen. After a huge social media campaign, video reconstruction and even support from celebrity dog owners, Toby was found in Kent on Wednesday. Aww.

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