The Rundown Report: Twitter Trolls, BT and the best from the Super Bowl

2 minute read

Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. BT buys EE for Billions

It has emerged this week that telecoms giant BT has bought EE for £12.5bn in a deal comprised of cash and shares. The deal is set to generate them an extra £1.6bn in sales.


2. Twitter admits defeat at the hands of trolls

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has confessed that the company leaves a lot to be desired when dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform. He has pledged to ‘kick trolls off’ and toughen up their approach.


3. Get the most out of Google

This post by Business Insider has 14 handy hacks to get more out of Google than you thought possible. Whether you want to explore the galaxy or calculate your mortgage, we know what we would choose…




4. Mobile engagement is on the move

This post from Digital Marketing Magazine shows you how mobile marketing is evolving and gives handy tips and tricks to stay ahead of the game.


5. The Super Bowl 2015: An evening in advertising

In case you missed the ads because you were too engrossed in the game, or maybe in bed, sleeping, here are the best and worst ads from the 2015 Super Bowl. The post from Forbes shows you the highs and lows of the evening in advertising.




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