The Rundown Report: Sainsbury’s Christmas ad, Rosetta’s landing and maximising your emails for the iPhone 6

2 minute read

As the Christmas adverts roll in, here are our top five stories from the week gone by.

1. How to maximise your emails to accommodate the iPhone 6

The recent launch of the iPhone 6 has presented more opportunities for marketers and there are ways you can maximise your emails to suit the new devices. With more pre-header and preview space and more content above the “fold”, we can all learn from these helpful hints.

2. Google marks the landing of Rosetta

Although it didn’t go quite according to plan, Google did mark the occasion with a custom logo for its search engine as the spacecraft touched down on a comet after a 10-year, (4bn-mile) journey.

3. Sainsbury’s launches controversial Christmas campaign

After its launch this week, Sainsbury’s has received criticism over using the first world war as a means to sell more products and portraying a ‘beauty’ in war. Either way, the critics acknowledge that it is a masterpiece with breathtaking cinematography. Tell us your thoughts.



4. YouTube launches paid music streaming service

The web’s most popular video sharing website YouTube has launched a paid music streaming service. Posing a threat to Spotify, YouTube is starting a subscription service that allows users to stream ad-free music videos and to download them for offline use for £9.99 per month.

5. This week’s silly moment

Big oops! One of the most wanted cyber criminal has been caught. Why? He used his pet cat’s name ‘Chewy’ as a password followed by ‘123’. Never underestimate the power of a strong password.

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