The Rundown Report: Puzzling hackers, Alphabet and Instagram Ads

2 minute read

Summer is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. A Level results day – Twitter responds

It’s a day where many are a bag of nerves, waiting with baited breath to find out if they have three years of partying, hard work, partying, essays, partying and lectures ahead. Some of the biggest brands react with hilarious tweets, such as L’Oreal and MTV.  

2. Introducing Alphabet, G is for Google

Big changes are coming into force at Google. Alphabet is the name of the new parent company which will be overarching for that of Google, Google Ads, Search, YouTube, Apps, Android, Maps. It’ll be interesting to see how this could affect user experience of these technological giants.

3. Instagram ads open up to users

Recent changes at Instagram mean that advertising on the platform is easier than ever after the social media giant dropped their $50,000 minimum spend. Experts in the US predict that Instagram Ads could generate $1billion in revenue by 2017.



4. Can you hack it?

.In Las Vegas Def Con is taking place, an international conference for hackers. One hacking maestro, Ryan Clarke, is keeping some 16,000 geeks entertained at the conferences by setting up puzzles and challenges. The hackers go to extreme lengths to get information from Clarke about the puzzles, breaking into hotel rooms and scouring the web for Clarke’s personal history.


5. The rude emails we send everyday

This post by Entrepreneur points out five common flaws in our day to day emails to colleagues and customers which can come across as rude. I’m sure most of us will admit to one or two of these bad habits…


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