The Rundown Report: capitalising on the ‘Selfie’

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The weekend has finally arrived, and it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. Capitalising on the ‘Selfie’

Winning Word of the Year in 2013, the selfie has gone from strength to strength. There are now Selfie Pods which retail at £10 each and are used as extendable arms for taking pictures, a Selfie School for students to learn how to self-shoot and brands such as Pink Boutique that have tapped into the trend and see the selfie generation as the core of their business.Chainsmokers Selfie

2. We remember more from paper than screens

Recent research has uncovered that readers absorb significantly less information on Kindles than they do on traditional paper. It’s back to the drawing board for Kindle.

3. No more free tea and cake for John Lewis members

Previously offering a number of perks, such as free tea and cake every month, invites to local events and regular prize draws to its loyalty card members, John Lewis has announced that they are retracting their offer due to cafés becoming extremely busy during the Christmas period. From this point on, they will only be offering the perk to cardholders depending on the frequency and type of their spending in stores.

4. Instagram expands ad offering

For the first time, Instagram moves to expand its ad offering and offers advertisers the ability to assess the performance of their posts instantly. Moving from a very manual process whereby advertisers had to request them, they can now access the information from a handy dashboard.

5. Stop monkey-ing around

David Slater’s camera was taken by a monkey who then proceeded to take hundreds of selfies, as monkeys do. Wikipedia and David Slater were in dispute as Wikipedia claimed that since the monkey pressed the shutter button, there is no copyright and they will continue to use his photo freely. In wake of this controversy, the US Copyright Office has updated its rules to explicitly ban works produced by monkeys as copyright protected. No luck there, David.

Monkey Selfie

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