The Rundown Report: online sales up, what makes customers ‘click’ and the future of email

2 minute read

Spring has officially sprung, and without further ado here are the top news stories of the week gone by:

1. Email… what will the future bring?

A recent article by Jenna Tiffany highlights that email is still deemed the preferred communication channel by consumers for brands. Take a look at Tiffany’s top tips to ensure you effectively reach your customer in a crowded market.


2. Twitter to sell tweets

Any tweet made by any of us can be viewed around the world instantly. With that in mind, Twitter’s privacy policy states that the company considers all of our musings public property. Twitter plans to make this content available to commerce, academia and the police. For example, when Apple unveils its next iPhone, Samsung could use Twitter to help single out customers who are thinking of ditching Apple and switching brands. Clever stuff.

3. Online sales up by 6% in February

With many thanks to Valentine’s Day, online retail sales rose by 6% like-for-like in February with health and beauty, gifts and lingerie driving the growth. The 6% rise observed in February followed a 7% increase in January 2015. It will be interesting to see how sales perform in March.

4. Email campaigns – what really makes customers ‘click’?

Research conducted recently by Constant Contact uncovered the reasons behind a customer’s likelihood of clicking within an email. Based on over 2.1m customer emails, the study revealed that emails with three or less images and about 20 lines of text often experience the highest click-through rates.


5. Can you make the perfect cup of tea?

Us Brits have hit back at the accusation that we can’t make tea according to a recent study by Researchers at University College London. A feud brewed when the researchers suggested that four out of five Britons are incorrectly making tea.


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