The Rundown Report: M&S sales down, Facebook saves the day and the Super Bowl

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Happy New Year! We’d like to welcome 2015 with our top news stories of the week gone by:

1. All there is to know about the 2015 Super Bowl Ads

Every year, the Super Bowl becomes the pinnacle platform in advertising. Brands battle it out through their multi-million pound slots to court controversy, win brand fans and and often add a sense of humour to the occasion.  Here’s what we know about the ads, incoming February 1st.

2. 10 themes to get ready for in 2015

From wearable technology to mobile marketing, take a look at the next likely big trends for the coming year. While mobile marketing is expected to step up a gear and social marketing is expected to delve into numerous time zones, it could prove a challenging year for reactive brands.

3. What’s your happiest moment?

Beagle Street, the online insurance company,  has cleverly featured some of the UK’s oldest couples who tell the stories of their happiest moments in life. The film revealed that the birth of a first child tops the list of happy moments. A great example of an emotional approach to advertising!


4. Marks and Spencer sales down in December

With like-for-like general sales down by 5.8% in their third quarter Marks and Spencer’s sales suffered from a disruption at its distribution centre and was impacted by an unseasonably warm autumn in the final months of the year. Despite this, M&S performed well in their food category, delivering record Christmas sales. A rather mixed bag for Magic and Sparkle.

5. Facebook saves the day

Ye olde mobile phones, are usually a more reliable piece of tech these days. But when signal failed, it was Facebook to rescue to help save someone’s life when the 911 call cut out. An interesting look at how social media is being used for more practical uses, as opposed to telling your 182 friends what you had for breakfast this morning, hey.

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