The Rundown Report: mobile spend, email design and Google’s ‘Inbox’

2 minute read

As the autumn leaves turn red and golden, it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. Mobile Spend up by 76 Percent in First Half

In the first half of 2014, mobile marketing expenditures increased by 76% to approximately £3.3 billion pounds. Fuelled by increased activity in social media and video, this increase is split nearly evenly by search and display according to a recent report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


2. Some great tips for you on great email design from Startups

Every business can learn from these great tips on email design. Using minimalist designs, cool logos, big buttons and good text-to-image ratios, be inspired by these designs and use some of these tips in your emails.

3. Google creates new email app ‘Inbox’

Aiming to reorganise overcrowded inboxes and ensure important emails aren’t missed, Google is revamping its email service with a new mobile app called ‘Inbox’. With some experts believing it could replace Gmail, Inbox could really help with categorising messages and creating reminders.

4. Toys ‘R’ Us retracts Breaking Bad dolls

After a mother from Florida petitioned to stop the sale of the action figures based on the hit show “Breaking Bad”, Toys ‘R’ Us pulled the toys from their shelves. The retailer says that they have stocked toys on material with adult themes before without any red flags raised, but they want to move on from the controversy that had generated online ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

5. Had a long week? Watch the footage of these cute baby pandas

Recent footage has shown a group of baby pandas cuddling in a nursery in Sichuan province, China. We couldn’t resist ‘awww’-ing at them.


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