The Rundown Report: mechanical penguins, the finer details of your email marketing & top brands

1 minute read

How has your week been? Here are our top five stories from the week gone by.

1. Christmas is on the way!

It’s true, with Halloween out of the way and the John Lewis advert released this week it’ll be December before we know it. What do you think of this year’s John Lewis advert? (It doesn’t beat the 2011 advert, for me)


2. It’s all in the details

In a recent post from Return Path, Alexandra Braunstein shares top tips for getting the best from your email campaigns – the same details, just as important as the calls to action, send time etc.

3. James Dyson picks his winner

This week a British graduate has been awarded the £30,000 James Dyson Award for his low-cost, blow-up incubator design for premature babies. Congratulations, James Roberts!

4. The UK’s top youth brand announced

For the last two years YouTube has held the top spot for most loved brand of 18-24 year olds in the UK, but this week Amazon took the top spot. Microsoft and Boots were new entries in the top 10 this year, which also included Ben and Jerry’s.

5. Is that a penguin?

Another penguin story for you, this time the mechanical penguin that’s been sent in to monitor the health and stress levels of emperor penguins. The best part? The penguins seem to love it!

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