The Rundown Report: Marketers move to digital, Tweets that pay and computers beating human brains

1 minute read

Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. 38% of marketers moving to digital

This post from The Drum breaks down the anticipated spend of marketers for 2015. A whopping 84% of us will maintain or increase our marketing spend this year.


2. Tweets that pay

Barclays has unveiled plans to integrate social media with banking by letting users make payment to individuals and businesses, using their Twitter handles via the PingIt app.


3. Computer brain winning at video games  

Google DeepMind has developed a computer, inspired by the human brain, which has learned how to play classic Atari games, giving us mere mortals a run for our money.


4. Oscars advertisers get social boost  

It was the year’s most anticipated awards ceremony, featuring the best of the silver screen. The Oscars took place across the pond last weekend and big brands were out in force, tying their screen ads to social platforms.


5. Madonna has Twitter users falling about with laughter  

If you are a regular Twitter user, it was pretty hard to miss the news that Madonna took a bit of a tumble at this year’s Brit Awards. Twitter went crazy, with Madonna trending worldwide. At 56 Madge is still clearly doing her own (publicity) stunts.


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