The Rundown Report [ISSUE 6] – 6th December 2013

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Welcome to the sixth edition of the Rundown Report. Weren’t able to catch-up last week? Don’t worry, you still can by clicking here. We’ve been searching the web for the latest news from around the world of online marketing and social media and have collated some of the most interesting articles below. Make sure you check out the Rundown Report every Friday to keep up-to-date with the online marketing and social media scene.

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  • Listen to Wikipedia | The world’s number one online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, is constantly updated by its community of millions of users and moderators. Do you realise just how much though? This amazing tool plays a note every time an article is updated. Take a listen.

Image of the week

Amazon Prime drones

This week saw the announcement of Amazon Prime drones. That’s right, Amazon are looking to start drone deliveries within the next few years. The announcement was received with mixed reviews, as well as a comical response from Waterstones.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a great weekend, and make sure you check out next week’s Rundown Report for more news from around the marketing world. Got any ideas of things we should feature next week? Email your suggestions to me at!