The Rundown Report: green Solarboxes, Maaxi app and Sainsbury’s poster

3 minute read

As the Autumn season begins, it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. 7 reasons to encourage subscribers to reply to your emails

John Pollard sets out seven key reasons that will help you build a relationship with your subscribers by willing them to reply to you. He says that you can differentiate yourself from your competition by using real email addresses for subscribers to reply to, which can in some mailbox providers, lead to sending emails to them directly to their inbox – every email marketers dream.  John describes why you must acknowledge the subscriber’s desires to unsubscribe as their email address could become inactive, and in some cases, a spam trap. Take a look at the seven rules.

2. Green mobile charger telephone boxes?

Well we could say that green is the new red, but what is happening in London at the moment? A clever duo from London started their ‘Solarbox’ scheme after they won support from Boris Johnson in a competition to create solar powered mobile phone chargers. The first ‘Solarbox’ has opened on Tottenham Court Road and there are a further six boxes planned to be transformed this year. Due to the very short battery life in the majority of smartphones today, it is a great idea to supply Londoners with free energy.


3. Sainsbury’s poster mistake

Oops! Sainsbury’s mistakenly advertised their internal plan to increase customer spending in one of their stores. Internally, they are asking their staff to encourage every customer to spend an extra 50 pence during their store visit. Unfortunately, the poster was issued to social media where it gathered momentum and has had over 4,980 tweets using the hashtag #50pChallenge.

4. Maaxi ‘Black Cab Only’ Sharing App launch

Aiming to help London’s black cab taxi drivers and their passengers, a new app called Maaxi has been created to combine different parties travelling to the same destination to allow them to divide the bill and save themselves money.  The difference between the Maaxi app and competitor apps such as Uber and Hallo are that the Maaxi app will be across black cabs only and won’t involve private hire cars. The price of the journey will be broken down by the distance and the time that a person has spent in that taxi whilst taking into account the number of people in the cab, ultimately leading to a reduced fare. Taxi, anyone?

5. Mr. Bean photoshopping

A little Friday humour for you, Rodney Pike has been busy recently showing us his Photoshop skills. Using Mr Bean as his subject matter, we can’t help but smile at his creative work. This was one of our personal favourites:


Have any other news stories caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about it.