The Rundown Report: Give the gift of sight, smart watch bans and Google gets down with the kids

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Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Exam students banned from wearing watches

The Drum reports that any students wearing smart watches will be forced to remove them when taking their exams. The ban will affect university students, as lecturers fear that students may cheat thanks to the smartwatch technology.




2. Google gets down with the kids

Google are reportedly working with YouTube to create a kids service, which will allow youngsters to browse the site, but with enhanced parental controls and ad-free playback. All at a cost, of course.


3. Give the gift of sight to the blind

A Danish design team have come up with an app called BeMyEyes. The app allows you to help blind and partially sighted people by reading aloud for them via a live video feed.


4. Lose yourself online

It has emerged that Google has already deleted 260,000 links in the ‘right to be forgotten’ purge. The right to be forgotten means that you can ask Google to remove links about yourself from their searches. In Britain, there have been over 27,000 requests to be forgotten.


5.1940’s posters that saw into the future

A series of posters by Bohn Aluminium and Brass Corporation from the 1940’s have emerged online. The posters seem to successfully predict ‘vehicles of the future’, with the images being alarmingly accurate.




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