The Rundown Report: Get popular on Twitter, see what’s hot in tech and how Lego became brand kings

1 minute read

Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. The Top Ten in Tech

This post from Business Insider highlights the 10 things you need to know in tech. A great read to stay in the know.


2. Predictions for the Chinese New Year

This week saw the welcoming of the Chinese New Year of the Sheep. See what the year of the sheep has in store in the post, informed by the fortune tellers of Hong Kong.



3. Lego is king of the brands

Lego has overtaken Ferrari to be the most powerful brand of the year gone by. You can read more about how the Danish toy brand achieved their success by clicking here.



4. Corsa digital ads triggered by the Great British weather

Vauxhall, the makers of the Corsa car range have created outdoor advertisements that use real-time weather data to deliver temperature specific ads. The ads accompany Corsa’s ‘A to Z’ campaign which has a quintessentially British theme.


5. Get popular on Twitter

A team from Cornell University have found the key to getting your Tweets re-tweeted and the perfect length for your Tweet. An essential article for any social media whiz.


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