The Rundown Report: engagement, ‘blackspots’ and Google’s camel cam

3 minute read

As the autumn leaves turn red and golden, it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. The secret to a great marketing campaign is engagement

When customers decide to engage with your brand, they are choosing to be a part of your story, development and growth. Natasha Smith discusses the organic yogurt company Stonyfield and explains how they have encouraged social users to engage with their campaigns and share personal photos and stories.

2. Marketers should check their subscriber lists twice

Christmas is only 68 days away and it is during this time that most companies look to create the best puns in their email subject lines. With that in mind, a recent article recommends that marketers take a moment to check their subscriber lists, as it’s been claimed that 49% of all blacklisting events occur between November and December and that a typical blacklisting lasts anywhere from a day to as long as two weeks. Make sure you determine which of your subscribers shouldn’t make the “nice list” and consider removing any consistently unresponsive subscribers.


3. Sainsbury’s customers could shop elsewhere

After the retailer announced their plans to change their Nectar reward points scheme, Sainsbury’s customers are angry and have threatened to shop with other grocers instead. Outlining that future points would halve to one per pound spent in store or online from next April and revealing that they planned to stop rewarding customers for using their own bags, it certainly hasn’t gone down too well with Sainsbury’s consumers. Sainsbury’s have responded to their customers, insisting that they are merely “redistributing’ points as opposed to trying to cut costs.

4. Report reveals coverage ‘blackspots’ on major commuter routes

Testing the ten most popular routes to and from London has revealed ‘dead zones’ for mobile users who are suffering major connectivity issues. The report revealed that one in three mobile internet tasks failed, while one in seven voice calls was also unsuccessful.

5. Camel Cam – Google’s answer to a new ‘street’ view

Using a van to capture the detail of our streets is old news, but now it’s been revealed that Google are using Raffia the camel to create panoramic shots of the desert around the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi. It’s the first time that Google have used an animal to capture images, although we wonder if its information-gathering speed will be up to scratch, given that Camels tend to walk at an average speed of 10 mph. But hey, it’s creative.

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