The Rundown Report: Email trends, make the most out of Gmail and getting emoji-onal

2 minute read

Autumn is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Back in fashion: The Email Newsletter

As reported by the Harvard Business Review, the appeal of email is on the up as consumers look to their inbox for inspiration and great content. They have some helpful pointers on what makes a great email, great; for example, remember that a subscriber’s inbox is their ‘personal space’ and you are cordially invited to bring them exclusive and personalised content.


2. Make the most of Gmail

This handy post by The Telegraph shows you some helpful hints and tips to get the best out of Gmail. Sterling stuff considering the average person spends up to 13 hours a week reading and writing emails!


3. Facebook gets emoji-onal

Facebook recently announced their plans to add a dislike button to their site, but the social media giant is now looking to use emojis in a bigger way. Currently being tested in Ireland and Spain, users can now respond to posts using emojis.


4. Harrods gets smart with customer profiling

It seems technology is transcending mediums; what you can do in email on a mass scale, you can now do in person. Harrods are investing some serious money in state of the art advertising screens to see who is viewing their in-store ads. They are tracking gender, age, attention, time and so on in a bid to get to know their customers better and deliver more targeted advertising.


5. Running your home may be a thing of the past…  

Big players, such as Samsung and General Electric, have bought rights to new technology which will allow your home appliances to look after themselves. Your white goods will be able to tell how much detergent, softener, salt etc they are using and then order it for themselves from Amazon. Yes you read that right, your appliances no longer need you, they just need to be hooked up via the tech to Amazon.


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