The Rundown Report: Email is king, Lego in crisis and the Matrix comes to life

2 minute read

Autumn is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Email is King

A recent study as reported by B2B Marketing has found that email marketing has the most impact on marketing revenue. The study asked marketing professionals which channels they found had the greatest impact when it came to revenue.  


2. Lego sales soaring  

With just eight weeks to go, the big Christmas advertising push has begun. Unfortunately for Lego it’s just been announced that their factory elves could see a shortage of Lego bricks, meaning they may struggle to cope with demand. The brand has become so popular in recent times thanks to tie-ins such as the The Lego Movie – resulting in a 18% increase in sales this year alone!


3. Don’t use dirty data!

Good email data is key to return on investment when it comes to your email marketing. This post by Direct Marketing shows the impact that purchased data can have on your email marketing efforts; a great post for anyone who wants to learn more about good data practices.  


4. Twitter gets poll-itical  

Twitter is rolling out changes in the coming days which will give users the ability to ask their followers anything they want, via a poll. The polls will have only two answers to choose from, but you will be able to vote anonymously.


5. The Matrix just might be real

The Matrix was first released 16 years ago but an image has surfaced online of a room with mirrors on the floor, ceiling and walls. Complete with transparent furniture, it looks like somewhere Neo would have been chilling in the hit 1999 film. The question is, is it real?



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