The Rundown Report: Creative content, Egyptian Repairman and Apple tech

1 minute read

Summer is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Creative content pays off  

A report by the Content Marketing Association proves just how effective content marketing is with editorial content being the most shared amongst users. Content marketing represents £1 of every £4 spent on marketing.

2. Egyptian Repairman outranks Google

An Egyptian repairman, named Mr Saber El-Toony, was surprised to learn of overnight fame after a quirk with the search engine was discovered, resulting in his Google Plus page receiving over five million views.

3. Campaign of the week: RNLI water bar  

Check out our favourite campaign of this week from the RNLI. They set up a pop-bar which only serves water to raise funds and awareness for their H2Only challenge.


4. Media consumption on average 8 hours a day

According to Media Week we spend on average 8 hours a day consuming media. Interestingly, television consumption has fallen by 6%. How do your media habits compare?

5. £136,000 of Apple tech has a lucky escape  

A recycling centre in the USA is in search of a woman who dropped off an Apple 1 computer worth £136,000 / $200,000  which was initially sold for $666. Hold on to your Apple products, you never know how much they’ll be worth in a few years!



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