The Rundown Report: Consumer Habits, YouTube’s birthday and system error stresses

1 minute read

Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Google favours mobile

The BBC advises that Google have announced that their searches will start favouring mobile friendly sites. A sign of an ever important mobile presence for internet access, could this be the future for all personal browsing?


2. Consumer Email Habits: When, Where And Why? 

Direct Marketing News has worked with Yahoo Labs and the University of Southern California, to understand the pressing questions that every marketer wants to know. Who uses their mobiles most? When are we most active? Who has the least to say? A must read for marketers.

3. Happy Birthday YouTube – 10 Years Old!

One of the biggest technological platforms in history celebrates double digits with a compilation video of the most recognisable videos. Nostalgia at its best and a gentle reminder of the sharing sites impact upon society.


4. Is paper finally falling out of fashion?  

BBC news reports, that despite technological advances for years and years, paper could finally be on the way out. What do you think?

5. System error sends American into a spin

The Colorado Gazette reports on what could be the most hilarious response to a system error of all time.  Watch as he loses his cool with dramatic effect.


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