The Rundown Report: Bleeding for England, AI takeover and Facebook help find the missing.

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Summer is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Facebook helps to find the missing

Facebook have launched a ‘Child Rescue Alert’ system in a bid to help find missing children fast as speed is of the essence. When a CRA is issued, it will appear at the top of the news feed of anyone currently in the search area. Photos, descriptions and last known sightings details are provided to help with the safe return of a missing child.


2. Bleed for England: Ad of the week

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in the UK today (Friday 18th September) and the latest Give Blood campaign uses the sporting event to encourage us to ‘Bleed for England’. The 30 second masterpiece is voiced by John Hurt noting that “less than three percent of people support England, in a way that matters”.  


3. Snapchat updates, fully embraced by brands  

Snapchat lenses were launched earlier this week, much to the delight of avid users, giving them the opportunity to steal Iron Man’s look and become a live zombie. Mountain Dew are the first brand to really use the update effectively, sending Snaps using the new lenses to promote the brand to fans. The platform is also being used by Alzheimers awareness charities through the #MemoriesMatter campaign.


4. Will you be replaced by a robot?

A recent story on the BBC News website lets you find out if you job could be at risk from automation. Oxford University predict that 35% of our jobs could become automated in the next 20 years – scary stuff! Is Artificial Intelligence on the horizon?!


5. Video games deemed ‘good for your health’

A recent Horizon documentary has found that playing video games can help improve multitasking ability, attention span and working memory. All those late nights playing Crash Bandicoot and fighting over Mario Kart, haven’t been completed wasted.  



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