The Rundown Report: Black Friday, Customer Engagement and McVitie’s biscuit sales

2 minute read

As November comes to a close, catch up on our latest top five stories from the week gone by:

1. Black Friday: let the sales begin

With all major retailers offering discounts, there are some incredible bargains to snap up. From Asda to John Lewis, take a look at various promotions on offer to you this weekend…

2. McVitie’s cashes in off the back of John Lewis ad with penguin biscuit sales increase

It’s all about penguins this Christmas with many brands jumping on the penguin bandwagon. From the moment John Lewis launched its Christmas advert featuring Monty the penguin, McVitie’s have seen an increase of 75% in their biscuit sales.



3. For better customer engagement, it’s time to go mobile

With recent data suggesting that more than half of all mobile searches lead to a sale, it is evident that mobiles are now a key shopping channel. Read about the main ways you can leverage mobile to increase your efficiency and even reduce your costs.

4. Vote favours the break-up of Google

The European Parliament has responded to complaints that Google favours its own services in search results by voting in favour of breaking up the search engine. Although they have no power to enforce this, it sends a clear message to European regulators.

5. Does any want a free home?

Generous businessman Xiong Shuihua returned to the village where he grew up to create luxury homes for the entire village, free of charge. As he “had more money than he knew what to do with”, he wanted to give back to the community where he was born.

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