The Rundown Report: Augmented reality, increasing your subscriber base and mind controlled TVs

2 minute read

Summer is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Shares soar for wearable tech firm

Wearable tech firm, Fitbit, have added 50% to their share value on their first day of trading. This signals consumer confidence in this field and points the way for more wearable products become available in the future.

2. E3 kicks off in Los Angeles

Gaming’s biggest event kicked off in LA, amongst the big news the industry is defending the decision to release Downloadable content (DLC) into it’s games. Doing so improves the re-playability of previously released titles and supports the game industry in-between game development.


3. Augmented reality becomes real  

As alluded to in previous Rundown Reports, the move towards augmented reality (A.R) is starting to heat up. E3 has also given us an insight into how the technology can be used to render interactive, immersive environments in real time. Question is, is this a fad or will A.R be the next big seller?


4. 3 great methods of to increase your subscriber base

Marketingland provides techniques to improve acquisition of subscribers. They describe that offering the customer a simple method to sign up and offer an incentive to do so is the key method for improving acquisition rates for subscribers. Definitely worth a read.

5. Brainwave-reading headset lets you control your TV with your mind

You read it right, the Telegraph stipulates that you could soon be controlling your TV simply with the power of your mind. As with any new technology concept; it is difficult to assess whether it will reach mainstream success, however, potentially it can be adapted for use with mobile devices. Maybe one day it will save us from those embarrassing moments where you cannot find your phone whilst it is ringing your latest ‘cool tune’ at full volume!


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