The Rundown Report: Apple, eagle-eye vision and seasonal emails

2 minute read

Catch up on our latest top five stories from the week gone by:

1. Apple to push its Beats streaming music service to every iPhone in the new year

It was recently revealed that Apple plans to push its Beats streaming music service to every iPhone in the new year. The Beats app will feature in its latest update to the iOS operating system.

2. Emails will be working hard this Christmas

A recent survey of global marketers, who plan to run season-specific campaigns, found that email will be the primary means of contacting consumers by a great margin. Email will be working almost as hard as Santa himself.

Concept of modern Santa Claus with laptop

3. Watch out – webcam hackers are about

Russian hackers have created a website allowing visitors to see live streams from internet-connected security cameras. According to this article, hundreds of UK homes have been affected, yet are unaware.

4. Yahoo to replace Google as default search engine on Firefox in US

Seeking to regain some of the ground that it had lost, Yahoo will become the default search engine on the Firefox web browser in the US in replacing Google. Starting in December, the five-year partnership will integrate Yahoo search into Firefox’s browser for desktop PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones and is thought to produce a “share gain” for Yahoo.

5. Forget the London Eye, now it’s about the Eagle-Eye

We thought this bird’s-eye view of London was pretty special, so we thought we would show you this as a Friday treat.



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