Email marketing tips from the restaurant industry

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In our 2011 UK email marketing Benchmark report, we looked at average results for over 500 million email marketing messages sent through in 2010. Restaurants saw an average email open rate of 28.19% and an average click through rate of 6.64%, making hospitality one of the best performing sectors.

This got us thinking about what tips can be learned from how restaurants use email marketing and how these could be applied to other sectors, so in this post we’re sharing some of the great email campaigns that have come from three of our restaurant customers – Brasserie BlancDim T and Prezzo.

Brasserie Blanc Dim T Prezzo

Bold and eye-catching email designs

Want to make sure your subscribers really engage with your email? The key to this is to make your email campaign eye catching, to attract the readers attention and also reflect your brand identity. Dim T use bold colours such as pink alongside strong headers and images to help draw readers to the content, and we think their email looks pretty good! Prezzo and Brasserie Blanc, while they don’t use as bold a colour scheme as Dim T, use large headings which the eye is immediately drawn to and all of these campaigns complement the branding used in other communications.

Rewarding loyal customers

We’re forever seeing reports that the UK economy is in a crisis, arguably making it hard for consumers to justify going out for dinner. However, some restaurants have been able to use this to their advantage with the clever use of vouchers. Prezzo and Dim T have used email marketing campaigns to promote vouchers to previous customers, helping drive people into their restaurants and reward customer loyalty at the same time. This is also a great way of boosting subscriber numbers and open rates, as consumers eagerly anticipate the next voucher.

Rich content

To help develop that all important relationship with your customers we’ve seen lots of restaurants include engaging information within their emails. For example, Brasserie Blanc have talked to their email subscribers about their website redesign, the wine’s they use and even rewarding customer’s if they spot a spelling or grammatical error on their menu or website. What’s even better is that they talk to their readers in a friendly and relaxed way which really can help build brand loyalty, encouraging people to open their emails.

Every restaurateur uses different techniques to promote their business via email and these are just some of the key trends that we’ve spotted. Are you subscribed to any restaurant email newsletters that you like? What makes you open them and click links? We’d love to hear from you so please leave your comments in the box below!