The importance of sending regularly – how often should you email?

4 minute read

Regular emailing is important to keep your company in your subscribers’ minds, as well as keeping them engaged. There are also other reasons as to why you should send regularly, while avoiding the dangers of sending too little or too often. So what are these dangers and how regularly should you email?

The dangers of not sending frequently enough
Sending too little can mean your subscribers forget that they ever subscribed, and so are bemused or annoyed when they receive your mailing. If they mark you as spam in their inbox it automatically files a complaint to their email provider. This damages your sending reputation, affecting your delivery to other addresses.

In the time since your last send, some subscriber email addresses may have become inactive and, worst case scenario, have even been reactivated as spamtraps. Regular sending helps catch inactive addresses as they become unused.

“But our event is only once a year, so we usually only contact subscribers near to the event!” – How about sending a bi-monthly mailing to give them insider news about the next event, slowly building momentum and growing interest ready for the big day? By the time the event rolls around, your data will still be up-to-date and your sending reputation won’t suffer unnecessarily.

The dangers of sending too often
Sending too often can in fact damage your business. Overwhelming your subscribers can mean they delete your emails without opening them. It may even lead to them unsubscribing or marking you as spam, so you miss out on an opportunity to contact them in future about products and services that could be beneficial to them.

“What about Daily Deals?” – Generally, if someone signs up knowing that they will receive daily deals, they are prepared to receive lots of emails. You may see a great return on investment initially if your offers and info appeal, but be prepared for your unsubscribe rate to be quite high; the initial excitement of receiving regular deals can soon wear off.

So how frequently should I send?
This really depends on your business and the content of your campaigns. If you have enough useful, informative content to send weekly, pick a day of the week to send and stick to it so that subscribers know when to expect your campaigns. If you choose to send monthly, you can be a bit more flexible with the day that you send each month. Of course, just because you have decided to send monthly, doesn’t mean that you can’t also send out a few extra emails to coincide with national holidays or special events. Just be careful that if your subscribers are used to only hearing from you once a month, you don’t want to suddenly start flooding them with daily emails during busy periods (such as Christmas).

However frequently you send, make it clear to your subscribers how often you will send them mailings, so that you set their expectations from the start. You can include this at point of sign-up, in a welcome campaign or even in the wording of your regular mailings, for example, “Welcome to the monthly edition of our newsletter”. Plan your sends in advance so that you stick to a regular sending pattern. If need be, set up your own calendar reminders giving you deadlines for creating and scheduling campaigns.

Wondering when is the best time to send? Check out our guide for more information. As always, our Support team are here to advise if you have any questions.