The 7 stages of a great PPC list-building campaign

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Last week, I mentioned the 3 different types of skills you need to master to be able to build a really successful PPC campaign. These skills; Creative, Trading and Technical all combine together to make the PPC process an effective and profitable one.

Now there are a number of different techniques and ways to build and manage your campaigns, but they all ultimately boil down to these 7 steps:

  1. Market Research – Each market is different, and by now you probably know a good deal about yours; who your competitors are, how the business operates and so forth. You may already have done most of the work that this stage requires.
  2. Keyword Research – Find out which keywords and keyword themes drive traffic in your marketplace, what your competitors are bidding on and what language your audience is using.
  3. Build Your Campaigns – Once you have done your research, it is time to get building. Organise your keyword themes into relevant campaigns, write your ads and decide on budgets and click bids.
  4. Construct Landing Pages – A landing page is the first page people see after they have clicked on your PPC ad. This should be laid out to maximize the number of people signing up to your email mailing list.
  5. Reporting and Tracking – This is essential! Just as you should be keeping a close eye on your email statistics, Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Click Through Rates and so forth, you need to be monitoring your PPC traffic as well. Statistics we will look at will include: Click Through Rates, Conversion Rates and landing page engagement stats.
  6. Optimisation – Once you have good data on your campaigns, you can start optimising them to improve your Click Through Rates, your Conversion Rates, and ultimately your Return on Investment (ROI). In other words, you will make your campaign more and more efficient, and pay less and less per sign up to your email list.
  7. Rinse and Repeat – This is an ongoing process. There are always more improvements to be made to your campaigns, more campaigns to be built and tested, and more opportunities to build your email list and your business!

So now that we have gone through the basics of the PPC process, you should have a greater understanding of why you need the core skills I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

In the next post, we will start to go through each stage in greater detail to give you the tools you need to try PPC for yourself, starting with Market Research.

If you have any questions on what we have gone through so far, please do comment below. I will be monitoring comments, and will try to respond as soon as I can.

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