Targeting Subscribers Who Have Not Opened Your Emails

2 minute read

We received an interesting question from a customer this morning – how they could isolate the subscribers who haven’t opened any of their campaigns? Here’s the answer…

Firstly, I should point out that just because an email isn’t marked as opened doesn’t mean it hasn’t been read. In order to register an open the recipient has to load images into the campaign, which some email clients don’t do by default.

The best way to isolate subscribers who haven’t opened a campaign is to first generate a list of subscribers who have opened your campaigns. You can do this using the ‘Target Subscribers By Action’ function in the Track section.

  1. Start by viewing the tracking report for one of your emails. At the top of the report you will see the ‘Target Subscribers By Action’ link – click this.
  2. Choose the ‘New List’ option and give it a name, then select to add all subscribers who opened your campaign to this list. This will add a new list into the ‘Capture’ section of your account, containing these subscribers.
  3. Repeat this process for your other campaigns but select ‘Existing List’ instead of ‘New List’ and choose the list you created in step 2.

You will now have a list containing the email addresses of all the subscribers who opened your campaign. We can use this in conjunction with the ‘Exclude List’ feature to isolate the subscribers who haven’t opened a campaign.

To do this, go to the ‘Send’ section:

  1. Click the green + icon in the ‘Select Lists’ column
  2. Name your new selection
  3. Select all of your categories (hold down CTRL to select multiple categories) then select all of the lists you have mailed to, excluding the new list you created above.
  4. Tick the ‘But do not include…’ box and from the options below select the list you created of people who opened your campaigns.
  5. Press ‘Proceed’. In the ‘Subscribers Matching Your Criteria’ box you will now see details of the number of subscribers who haven’t opened a campaign. You can then Send to these people or export a list of them in the usual way.