Christmas email marketing tips – So much to do, so little time!

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In the USA this coming Friday will be known to many as Black Friday. It’s the day following Thanksgiving and traditionally kick starts the Christmas shopping season with many a crazy deal from retailers across the land. This week, international companies such as Amazon are bringing Black Friday deals to the UK, and this is a potent reminder that the holiday season is once again upon us! The question is, are you and your email marketing ready? If not, don’t panic… yet. We’ve got some great marketing tips to get you moving in the right direction and fast!

Make a plan
Do this as soon as possible; it doesn’t even have to be complex! It will give you a clearer idea of your marketing schedule and make the whole task more approachable. Start with the basics – spend a few minutes noting any key events you need to promote or listing your big products or offers for the Christmas season. Based around this you can work out how many emails you’d like to send and when you might need to send some of them. If they aren’t time specific then it’s probably a good idea to space them out evenly over the available days or weeks. Before you know it, you’ll have the solid beginnings of a marketing calendar on your hands. Remember though, you don’t want to annoy subscribers by contacting them too often so keep your normal email schedule in the back of your mind when planning your seasonal sends.

Look at your marketing from last year
Taking a look at your email campaign analytics from last year can give you some great pointers for this year’s marketing direction and strategy.  What kinds of subject lines gave you most opens? Which offers generated most clicks and where were they placed in your campaign? What send days and times worked best for you? Make some notes on these and any other relevant factors, then add these to your plan notes.

Start generating your email content as soon as you can
Do what you can, when you have the chance, no matter how early. You might have decided that your sending won’t begin for a little while, but if you have a few minutes then make a start on a campaign. It will give you a chance to keep your eyes out for additional interesting content or ideas that may crop up in the meantime, and it’s much easier to come back to a few sentences of ideas than a blank email when a deadline is looming. More importantly though, putting a few minutes in ahead of schedule will afford you valuable testing time when your send date is fast approaching.

Maximise success while minimising your time and effort
Once you’ve finished building your campaign, let do some of the legwork to make sure it looks great, performs to its potential and and has the largest reach:

  • Our Inbox Testing feature lets you see your campaign in 10 different email clients, you can check all is well design wise and that you’re not alerting spam filters.
  • Split Testing allows you to face off 2 or more different versions of your campaign (subtle differences work best, such as subject line, offer wording or link placement). Split Testing works by sending each campaign version to a sample segment of your list, then the most successful version can automatically be sent to everybody else.
  • Share your campaign on your social media pages to instantly increase it’s reach. You can set up Twitter and Facebook posts to be automatically published at time your email campaign goes out.

Don’t let things grind to halt once Christmas day has passed
Your office might be closed over the Christmas period but your subscribers (depending on your audience) may well still be ripe for the targeting. Radio silence is not the way – take advantage of the ability to schedule campaigns well in advance so you can keep up your regular contact. Our Business Class Social Marketing customers also have the ability to schedule updates to their social media pages in advance, independently of their email sends. Now there’s no reason for your social media presence to slide while you enjoy a little bit of festive time off.

Hopefully these pointers will help you get your seasonal campaigns off the ground with speed and style. For some top tips on your Christmas email marketing in general, why not take a look at the blog I put together last year.

Any questions, comments or tips of your own? Please leave them in the box below!