Schedule your marketing in advance to stay ahead of the game this Christmas

2 minute read

If you’re looking forward to a well-earned rest this Christmas, you don’t want to worry about checking in every day over the break to keep your marketing ticking over. Why run the risk of brandy-fuelled social media posts or rushed email campaigns when you can schedule it all in advance?

Take a look at these simple pointers to keep things running smoothly in your absence:

  1. Communicate your opening hours to your prospects and customers sooner rather than later. Setting these expectations early will help prevent customers from being unhappy when they haven’t heard back from you. Display your hours on your website, blog and social media pages and include them in your email footers and out of office messages.
  2. Schedule your email and SMS campaigns in advance and avoid any last minute blunders. For example, if you have a Boxing Day sale, you can create your campaign today with plenty of time for testing and schedule it to send automatically on Boxing Day.
  3. Use Marketing Automation to take care of any targeted messages. While you’re away, your subscribers will still be interacting with your emails, so don’t miss the opportunity for some extra data segmentation. Trigger customised email campaigns based on subscriber actions, or get the system to notify you and then follow-up when you get back.
  4. With all regularly billed accounts you get our Business Class Social Marketing tools free of charge. You can use these to schedule social media posts in advance and wish your fans or followers a Merry Christmas. Then all you need to do is check in and respond to comments during the opening hours you’ve specified.

With a little preparation, you can have a peaceful Christmas with no last minute panicked calls and rushed responses. Now there’s no excuse not to come back to work in the New Year fresh-faced and ready for action.

Let us know how you’re handling your festive marketing communications in the comments box below!