The Rundown Report: Facebook ethics questioned over research

2 minute read

What sweet sunshine we have had this week – summer has finally arrived and so have our top 5 news stories.

1. La Senza falls back into administration


We were sad to hear that high street retailer La Senza has gone into administration for the second time in two years (the last time was January 2012). Attributed to a difficult economic environment and reduction in consumer spending, administrators say there are “no immediate plans to close any stores” and requested prospective buyers of the lingerie chain to come forward.

2. Facebook ethics questioned over research

Facebook kept a large-scale study of over 689,003 users very quiet until recently. The social network controlled the number of positive and negative posts displayed on individual users’ news feeds and defends its research. Scientists have said that the study has breached ethical guidelines and some argue that Facebook has treated its users as guinea pigs, and that the nature of their research could have had a damaging effect on its subjects.


3. Data roaming price falls

Forget the days of having seriously high bills after your annual holiday abroad, the cost of using the internet in another EU country has fallen to a maximum of 16p per megabyte as of 1st July 2014. Hurray!

4. Google purchases Songza for over £22m

Songza, the US-based, music streaming service has now been bought by Google for over £22m. The human-curated service personalises playlists for its users according to their location, the time, and the weather. Let’s all fly to the Caribbean and see if Songza plays Bob Marley…testing,1,2,3.

5. The Hemingway App perfects your writing skills

Hemingway App assists you to write boldly and clearly. Highlighting complex sentences and common errors in pre-designated colours, the app really helps with day-to-day text. It even has the ability to tell you when you are writing in past tense. We are so impressed! Try it for yourself here.

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