The Rundown Report: eBay hacked – change your password!

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How has your week been? If it’s been a busy one, don’t worry – we’ve summarised our top five news stories for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend and we’ll see you next week!

1. eBay hacked – change your password!

On Wednesday (21st) this week eBay asked their 128 million active users to update their passwords, after a cyber-attack took place in February-March time. While it doesn’t look like any accounts have been compromised, it’s time to log in and update your security settings.

2. Spotify and their 10 million subscribers

Spotify announced their huge milestone through a stats-driven infographic. 40 million active users, 10 million subscribers and a reach of 56 countries. Impressive stuff, and I’m happy to be one of those 10 million.


3. What’s the most ‘valuable’ brand?

Google Vs. Apple, which would you class as having the world’s most ‘valuable’ brand? I won’t ruin the surprise, but you can click here to find out. It’s also interesting to see Next make it into the UK’s top 10 most valuable brands.

4. Are you reading this?

Do you actually read the articles you share, like etc.? An prank by NPR on a recent article showed that while a lot of likes and comments were received, the article took a different tone to the header which in fact critcised how often people ‘pass links along’.

5. What if Game of Thrones characters were drawn by Disney?

In lighter news, have you ever wondered what your favourite Game of Thrones character might look like if Disney had got their hands on them? Wonder no more – BuzzFeed have saved the day with these five illustrations. Cersei is my favourite, what’s yours?


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