The Rundown Report: Instagram reveals its new photo app

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It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and it’s time to deliver this week’s top five news stories.

1. Self-driving cars get green light in UK

As driverless cars pull into the road, the feeling of adventure and discovery will be soon forgotten as the autopilot takes over. Self-driving cars such as Google’s prototypes could be navigating the roads as early as 2015, as testing on public roads in the UK gets the go-ahead. It has been said that the new tech could open up “new opportunities for the UK economy and society“, and that the DfT will be reviewing current laws governing road use.


2. Introducing the Roamer app which puts an end to roaming charges

With charges well below the standard roaming rate (to call a UK landline from Turkey it costs 9p per minute, or less than 1p per minute if you’re connected to Wi-Fi), the Roamer app has been deemed more convenient than other apps that tie you to Wi-Fi hotspots or prearranged times to call home.  Although the app doesn’t fix 3G and 4G data roaming, you can use the app in conjunction with a local SIM card to overcome this.  Have you tried it yet?

3. British workers admit to using Facebook at work

Ignoring workplace bans on social media, 41% of British employees admit they access Facebook whilst in the workplace. Those aged between 18 and 34 were deemed most likely to rebel against corporate restrictions by either ignoring bans or using their personal technology to overcome work-imposed restrictions. Tut, tut!

4. Beer brand Grolsch embeds Bluetooth tech into bottle tops

Russian beer brand Grolsch has enabled its customers to unlock free-to-view movies on their desktops, tablets or smartphones by swiping the bottle top of their beer which is Bluetooth-enabled.  This cleverly eliminates the need to type in long promotional codes. We love this idea…but try not to spill your beer whilst testing them! Watch the video here.

Grolsh Beer

5. Instagram reveals its new photo app

The social photo platform has unveiled its latest development: a Snapchat-inspired app named ‘Bolt’ which similarly deletes photos after the recipient has viewed them. Only available in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa as it stands, Instagram want to ensure that they can scale the experience globally. How will Bolt compete with Snapchat (owned by its parent brand, Facebook)? We’ll have to wait and see!

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