The Rundown Report: Are weaker passwords better?

2 minute read

Another working week done, one without sport but one with some UK sunshine! Relax and have a read of this week’s top five news stories.

1. Are weaker passwords better?

How much should you concern yourself with using ‘secure’ passwords? In a new piece of research, Microsoft suggest using ‘weak’ ones (and reusing them!) on some occasions – helping us to not worry about losing or forgetting complex passwords.

2. Aldi is rated the top brand

Overtaking the likes of Samsung and John Lewis, Aldi have been rated the top brand for positive customer perception. HMV and Findus also saw an improvement in this latest poll.

3. 99 days without Facebook – could you do it?

In light of the recent Facebook controversy, 99 Days of Freedom has been set up in protest to how our data is being manipulated. The idea? Turn off Facebook for 99 days.


4. Brits create healthy home

At the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition three British designers have been shortlisted for the final award. The final entries include an app that aims to give children a better understanding of where their food comes from.

5. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

In lighter news (we hope!), a giant hole has opened up in Siberia. Naturally BuzzFeed have suggested it could be a UFO, the hellmouth opening or perhaps even a Transformer. More likely it’s a meteorite strike.

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