The Rundown Report: Google Glass reaches the market

2 minute read

As the World Cup buzz continues, here are some stories we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into…(sorry Suarez)

1. Lanson celebrate 26th Wimbledon with tennis jackets

Lanson mark their 26th Wimbledon year with limited edition champagne jackets. Designed to emulate tennis balls, the incredibly eye-catching covers also keep the champagne chilled. Will Andy Murray boost champagne sales like last year? Lanson, we love it!


2. Google Glass reaches the market priced at £1,000

Still described as being in its prototype phase, the new Google Glass, wearable technology, is now available for UK residents over 18 to purchase. Brands such as Virgin Atlantic are already using Google Glass, eager to be first to use the technology in their industry. However, with a price tag of £1000, maybe we won’t rush out to buy it yet…


3. Morrisons changes its name to ‘Murrisons’ – go team Murray

Once again, Morrisons demonstrate their support for tennis hero Andy Murray, naming the Wimbledon branch ‘Murrisons‘. In further support, they have renamed their strawberries ‘Staw Murrays’ for the duration of Wimbledon. Let’s see if they change their Wimbledon store to ‘Murrywins’ like last year!

4. Apple iPhone cuts thefts

The new superhero iOS 7 software has been behind a reduction in crime with its ‘activation lock’, otherwise known as a ‘kill switch’, which lets owners remotely wipe and lock their phones if they are stolen. Once this has been activated, the phone requires the owner’s name and password to reactivate it, without which it remains encrypted and blocks further use. Other brands such as Microsoft and Google are looking to implement similar software. Take that, thieves.

5. New hidden SOS message app

The secret alarm app has a panic button built into a calculator. Aimed at journalists and activists, Amnesty International designed the app to help activists in trouble by sending out a discreet SOS along with current location of the user. Clever stuff!

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