The Rundown Report: The internet’s original sin

1 minute read

The weekend is here at last, and it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. The internet’s original sin

Oh dear – Ethan Zuckerman, developer of the pop-up advert, has apologised for his creation – citing them as annoying and naming them as the ‘Internet’s original sin’. Take pride, Ethan!

2. How do you read about the latest news?

Using the example of his teenage son and the incidents in America this week, Rory Cellen-Jones has looked at the changing shape of how we obtain news stories.

3. The inaccurate water bottle

This week Downton Abbey fans were treated to a first glimpse of the new series, with a tiny (or huge) error. A plastic water bottle appeared in a photo of two cast members – oops. Given that water bottles were introduced in the 1960s and Downton Abbey is set in the 1920s you can understand why people were alarmed by its appearance!


4. Top 10 McDonald’s adverts

Brand Republic reports that McDonald’s will celebrate 40 years in the UK in 2014 and, to celebrate, have showcased their favourite 10 adverts.

5. The celebrity club

Mashable have reported on Twitter’s latest update – with two new features in place, urging celebrities to talk to one another. Delightful.

Seen any other news stories that caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about it.