The Rundown Report: We sleep less than we tweet

2 minute read

The weekend is here at last, and it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. Apple prepares for giant iPhone launch

Apple is set to release its latest phone to the market and rumour has it that it will be available in a variety of colours. The company has apparently placed sizeable orders for its autumn launch of a larger iPhone, with suppliers expected to produce between 70-80 million devices by the end of the year. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and find out what it really looks like…


2. We sleep less than we tweet

According to new research, UK adults spend more time using technology devices than sleeping. It’s time to put the phone down and get some shut-eye.

3. Levi creates ‘shoppable’ film to engage with customers

Impressively, Levi have showcased their new denim in a click-to-buy video. Full marks for engagement, this video, hosted on their website invites their customers to upload messages and images and talk about their favourite moments while wearing Levi’s jeans. We love this #Liveinlevis campaign. Click on the video to get involved:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 15.51.14

4. What information can a Raspberry Pi find about you on your daily run?

It has been revealed that wearable gadgets which hold information such as name, password and birthdate can be easily captured by a Raspberry Pi computer. Provided it is close enough, in many cases the device was able to tap into the unique hardware addresses that the wearable gadgets transmit. Scary, but clever stuff.

5. Don’t boo silly

In lighter news this week, a man has been fined for his rowdy behaviour in a Portsmouth cemetery while pretending to be a ghost. He might pass on Halloween entertainment this year…

Seen any other news stories that caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about it.