Run a competition and boost your subscriber numbers

4 minute read

Part of email marketing is about finding new ways to increase your subscriber numbers, and competitions are a great way to achieve this. When presented with the opportunity to win something we’re usually more than happy to enter our personal details in to a website, making competitions an easy way for businesses to increase their subscriber database. Have you or your business considered running a competition?

Fairly easy to set up and maintain, competitions seem like a great way of engaging with your customers and prospects, and they are. They provide your customers with the opportunity to win something and they help you gather those all-important email addresses. At this point you’re probably asking how you can easily set up a competition for your business. Well, you have a couple of great options.

Setting up your competition

We recently teamed up with one of our managed accounts to assist them in creating and managing a competition to run over a four-week period. To make things more interesting they wanted to announce a new winner each day while still maintaining one full database of competition entrants.

Firstly, we set up a data capture form so that the competition entrants would be able to submit their details and answer to the question. The data collected through this form was deposited into one subscriber list. Next, utilising’s easy data management and Marketing Automation tools, we set up a subscriber list for each day of the competition along with an automation rule which would copy entrants to the relevant daily list. Doing this allowed us to track competition entrants for the whole competition as well as on a daily basis.

Competition listAll that was required each day was to update the Marketing Automation rule to ensure the competition entrants were copied to the correct daily list. And there you have it: a competition process setup in in just a few minutes.

Competition MA ruleThe above scenario is great if you want to keep everything within our one system; however, our recent integration with Zapier also presents a whole new world of options. It means that can now integrate with form and competition building platforms such as Wufoo, Formstack and SurveyMonkey. Using our integration you can set your competition entrants to be automatically synced from your chosen form building platform in to your account as new subscribers. To fast-track the setup process you can choose one of the pre-built ‘Zaps’ below.


In conclusion

In the customer example above we gathered over 7,000 new subscribers, showing that competitions do work in gaining subscribers. However, not only did we see an increase in subscriber numbers, we saw an improvement in social media activity and general awareness of the brand we were working with. It seems that offering something for nothing really does appeal to people!

As I hope you can see, it’s quick and easy to set up your competition. Plus, if you opt to run your competition through, everything you need to get started is included in your account at no extra cost. To get started, log in to your account and get going. Remember, our friendly support team are always there to help you out.