Really Successful Email Marketing

2 minute read

Want an easy way to remember how to get your email campaigns opened and clicked? Just remember RSEM, that is ‘Really Successful Email Marketing’ and you’ll be fine.


R and S are all about getting your campaigns opened.

R is for Relationship – it’s not just about having permission. Your relationship is also about being familiar to your readers – your ‘from’ name’ is an important factor here. Do you send regularly? Are your messages anticipated? It’s also about your past actions. A history of sending valuable content will go a long way to creating a trusted relationship and getting your messages opened.

S is for Subject line – your relationship is a great start but your subject line can still be the difference between open and delete. It’s a really valuable piece of copy so take some time. Keep it brief and but punchy. Truthful is always good but a little bit of intrigue can help too. If you are still undecided remember that subject line is ideal for split testing.

E and M are about getting your links clicked.

E is for Engaging – You’re opened. You’ve got their attention (at least briefly) so don’t ruin it all with dull content. Of course your style of content depends a lot on your brand and positioning, but it’s usually possible to inject some individual interest, and always put yourself in you reader’s (note, that’s just one individual reader) shoes. ‘So what’ and ‘why me?’ are great engagement tests to apply to your content.

M is for Motivation – you probably want your reader to do something other than just read your message, more than likely to click through to additional content. So tell them what you want them to do. Make your call to action simple, clear and easy to apply. Most of all tell them why it’s to their benefit to click that link. They’re already interested, but everyone needs a little motivation.

RSEM. Job done.