Re-engaging inactive subscribers

3 minute read

Hi there! I’m Katie, and today I’m going to tackle the ongoing challenge of keeping your subscribers engaged with your brand and your message. When you start creating your email marketing campaigns and regularly mailing out you may see a trail of inactive subscribers.

Inactive subscribers can leave your statistics looking a little lower in terms of open and click through rates. They are essentially the group who have ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt’ – they are neither inclined to unsubscribe nor digest your content. It’s time to wake up your subscribers and increase your response rates.


So how can I get them back in the game?

Try not to send too frequently – limit the amount of emails you are sending out.Sending too often can cause a subscriber to tune out and put your emails straight into their trash. We are all looking for quality, not quantity. Keep to your promised schedules – monthly newsletters should be monthly, don’t skip months or double up. If you don’t meet sensible expectation you run the risk of triggering unsubscriptions and spam complaints.

Get the offers out and sweeten up your recipient. This is a two-way relationship; you have permission to make regular contact, and it’s up to you to make that worthwhile. No one likes it more than to have something that is free or completely unique. By offering prizes or opportunities to try out new things you will get their ‘want’ senses tingling. Complementary offers to your inactive audience will slowly entice them back in, as you are making them feel special.

Make sure your campaigns demand attention. Your subscribers are probably busy people – if your email subject line or the beginning of your message isn’t enticing enough to make them open it immediately, they may never get around to it. Make sure your campaigns are attractive and intriguing. Trial new campaign designs to catch your subscriber’s eye, by either choosing from our lovely range of free templates or building one from scratch.

Analyse and improve. There’s always room for improvement. If your open rates are falling, use our Analyse section to see what’s going wrong. Reviewing your campaigns in Analyse will allow you to understand if you have met your subscribers’ expectations. Are you sending at the wrong time, or have you recently changed something crucial? Continuity is key! Consider using our split test feature to make gradual, measured improvements.

In summary the chances are that you could improve your response by waking up those inactive subscribers. Fortunately they haven’t yet unsubscribed, so they are still waiting for you to give them what they want. Your opportunity is there and waiting. Go prove you’re worth keeping!