Please your subscribers with tip top triggered email campaigns

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As someone that tries to integrate gadgets into everything I do, when I got a new bike I naturally wanted to find something geeky to accompany me during long rides through the countryside (or short rides to the shop to buy chocolate, most likely). I stumbled across an iPhone app called RunKeeper. While primarily aimed at tracking running activity, you do have the option to change this to cycling. The app functionality serves its purpose perfectly, but it doesn’t stop there. What surprised me the most was the quality of their email communication, so I wanted to share an example of a great triggered email campaign with you.


I set up several personal activity goals and my personal bests were recorded after each activity was logged. Once I completed a good workout, i.e. I achieved one of my personal goals or I beat a PB, an informative notification email was triggered to let me know. We’ve all been exposed to some sort of triggered, automated or transactional email before, but these stood out from the rest.

Sent to congratulate you on a good workout, these aren’t just boring text emails, they’re attractive, colouful emails that give you real stats about your recent activity. This in itself is pretty cool, but the speed of how this all happens is fantastic. In the majority of occasions the congratulatory email has popped up on my iPhone before I’ve had a chance to put the bike back in the shed and walk through my front door.

Stats show that triggered emails such as these perform much better than regular sales and marketing emails. I guess I’m not alone in the sense that this beautiful email efficiency gives me a fuzzy feeling inside! You might be wondering what the benefits are of triggered emails, and here at we think there are many.

Triggered email benefits

Triggered emails such as these carry many positives, mostly due to their personalised nature. Since they’re customised to that specific subscriber it’s something they’re interested in reading. In the following example one customer is using triggered emails to great effect. Their email newsletters include the option for users to choose to be reminded about their newsletter/offer at a specific time in the future. Based on when that user chooses to be reminded an email is triggered to notify them. The main benefit here is that you’re engaging with people when they want you to. In this example the triggered emails consistently achieve an open rate of around 60%, with highs of over 80%. These are fantastic stats that any email marketer would be proud of. You can find out more on how this was set up in a past blog post.

Start sending your own triggered emails

So, do you want to start sending your own triggered emails? Luckily for you we’ve made it easy! Built in to every single account is our powerful Marketing Automation feature set. Here you can easily set up triggered email sends – such as an email to wish your subscribers a happy birthday or a follow up email after a link is clicked. There are countless ways in which you can start automating you emails, so make sure you read our helpful guide on setting up Marketing Automation rules.

Don’t have a account? To get started simply sign up for a free trial and start pleasing your customers and visitors with personalised triggered emails. You’ve got nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.