Our 2015 email marketing benchmark report is now available

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It’s that time of year again. Our 2015 Email Benchmark Report is now available.


For our 2015 report we’ve analysed over 1 billion emails sent through the Sign-Up.to platform between 1st January and 31st December 2014. These campaigns are from a range of small-medium sized UK organisations and public sector departments, sent to fully opted-in business and consumer lists. The performance metrics are analysed according to 25 different industry sectors.

If you want to see how others in your industry are performing and see how you compare – then this is the report for you!

The report is free to download from our website, so I’ll leave you to discover the details, but here are just some of the highlights.

Averaging the results across each of the identified sectors we’re seeing rates of:

Opens 24.45%
Click-through 3.13%
Unsubscribes 0.55%
Clicks to opens 10.79%
Unsubscribes to opens 2.68%

summary (new)

Open rates continue to rise with 17 of the 25 identified sectors showing an increase from the previous year. The largest increases in open rate were observed in Legal, Events and Online Services.

At 3.13% click-through rates showed a small decline from 2014 but have remained fairly consistent over the last few years. However, only 7 of the 25 sectors showed an increased click-through rate, with the largest increases being in the Industrial, Online Services and Legal industries.

The report also looks into click-to-open and unsubscribe-to-open rates, useful metrics for analysing campaign engagement and subscriber loyalty.

New for the 2015 report is the inclusion of open rates for mobile and desktop. We’ve been monitoring device open rates for a few years now and have observed a steady increase for mobile devices. More information coming soon on this, but it’s official – looking across all sends, at 53.9% mobile has now overtaken desktop opens.

There’s lots more in the report (it’s gone from 14 to 26 pages) – more data, what’s changed sector by sector, discussion on advanced metrics like device opens, goals and engagement, and lots of discussion on what these metrics mean and how to improve your performance.


Best of all, you can download it for free from our website. Here’s that download link again.