New responsive email templates

2 minute read

We’ve just released some new sample templates which show some of the great results you can achieve with our responsive email editor. Log in to your account and open the email editor and you’ll see the six sample templates there ready to use. Feel free to use them either as a basis for creating your own campaigns or perhaps just as an inspiration.

Just like the other unbranded layouts you’ll find here, the prebuilt samples are built using components and themes. These are the underlying technologies which make creating campaigns simple and quick and ensure that you’ll get consistent results across all of the common email platforms. The samples include all of the most component types – single column, 2 equal, 2 unequal. The Travel template also shows how effective multi-column layouts can be (in this case 3 equal text and graphic areas) when promoting a product portfolio. You’ll also see some of the other latest features in action – like social sharing icons and fully customisable call to action buttons.

responsive email template

They are fully interactive and of course they are fully mobile responsive, from the ground up. Click the ‘Preview’ tab and then scroll through the various desktop and mobile options to see how they adapt to the different screen sizes and orientations. Multiple column desktop layouts (for example in the McNeill’s Irish Pub and Family Restaurant template) condense neatly into a single column layout when previewed in portrait and landscape mobile.

Take a look, have a play and let us know what you think. We’ll be adding new themed templates soon – I suspect Valentine and Easter themes? In the meantime, as it’s that time of year here are some screenshots of the Christmas Classic and Christmas Modern themes. Enjoy.