Maximise return from your existing subscribers in four easy steps

3 minute read

Getting subscribers into your database with the appropriate permission is half the battle, so once you’ve got that far, how can you make sure you’re making the most of them with your online marketing?

If your communications are interesting, relevant and valuable to your prospects and customers, they’re much more likely to stay engaged after their initial interaction with you. In order to meet that criteria, you need to know what they want, which means a little bit of pro-active data management. It might seem like a hefty task, but in the four points below, I’ve outlined some really simple ways to keep on top of it.

  1. Let your subscribers update their own details. Place a data capture form on your website and link to it from your email campaigns with the instruction that subscribers can update their preferences at any time. With our new form builder (live as of Wednesday 21st November 2012), if they’re already a subscriber in your account, you’ll be able to set it so they don’t have to confirm their subscription every time they update their details.
  2. Make sure you have all the information you need to target your subscribers or analyse your results. If you’re making it easy for people to sign up by only asking for their email address, you can follow up with requests for more information in your email campaigns with the promise of more relevant and valuable content or other more tangible incentives. Design your questions to gather exactly the information you’re after using subscriber profile fields.
  3. Use Marketing Automation to monitor engagement with your email campaigns. You can set rules to keep lists of regular openers, and identify subscriber preferences based on their clicks then follow-up with relevant content.
  4. Take care of unresponsive subscribers. Your account will automatically handle unsubscribes and email bounces for you. You may wish to go one step further – either by sending a re-engagement email to people who don’t open your email, or even by giving them a call if appropriate.

With a few simple data capture forms and Marketing Automation rules, you can ensure that your existing database remains a powerhouse for generating new business. Remember though that the more targeted your activities are, the more content you need; so think carefully about what you have and how you can use it to keep your subscribers interested.

What do you think? If you have any other suggestions for simple ways of keeping your data up to date, place a comment in the box below!