Make the most of email tracking – link clicks

3 minute read

One of the great features of email marketing is the tracking information you can get from your campaigns – it’s great to be able to see how your campaigns are working. However, this information is even more useful if you actually put it to work for you.

If the goal of your email is to get recipients to click through to a web page, then your link click data is crucial.

After sending your campaign, review your statistics to see who’s been clicking on your links – depending on your audience you may want to wait between 1 and 7 days to get the most accurate picture.

If you’ve got multiple links in your email, you can start by using our Visual Link Tracking to visually compare the clicks that each link received.

If your campaign was a newsletter or was offering information on multiple products, this makes it easy to see at-a-glance which products or articles are most popular.

If your email was driving users towards a single goal that you link to in several places – for example a competition or a free trial – then you can use this report to see what creative works best at enticing users to click through.

You can also easily create lists of subscribers who clicked on your links by using the ‘Target Subscribers By Action’ option on your tracking reports. You can use this data in several ways:

  1. Use the link to determine the interests of the subscribers who clicked it, then follow up with an email specifically tailored to those interests – for example more information on a particular product line.
  2. If you are emailing a prospect list that you’ll be following up by phone then use the link click data to prioritise your calls (those who clicked are more likely to be hot prospects) and to give you insight into their likely areas of interest.
  3. Follow-up with ‘non-clickers’ using a different email creative – changing the wording, design or offer to see if you can elicit a better response from the other subscribers. This can provide a great insight into what type of offers appeal to your subscribers, helping you to get more from future campaigns.

When creating your campaigns always remember to make your links clear – ensure they’re underlined and give users a reason to click. If your campaign has a single objective/link then make it really easy to find the link and present it in several different ways – for example at the top and bottom of the email, so that recipients don’t need to scroll.