Make the most of the festive season

3 minute read

For many businesses Christmas is a key time of year for sales. However, as a result many businesses also place their marketing efforts on the back burner as they feel they are too busy to need additional marketing – this is a massive wasted opportunity.

Even if you can’t cope with increased sales over a busy period like Christmas, you can be implementing marketing campaigns over this period to boost your business in the post-Christmas lull. Imagine the difference you could make to your bottom line if you could sustain just a small proportion of that extra business for a few more weeks.

One of the key things to do is make sure you do everything you can to engage with the new customers you gain over the seasonal period and get permission to talk to them in future. In simple terms – make sure you capture as much data as possible.

By gathering data from these new customers you have the opportunity to extend what began as a seasonal interaction into a potentially life long relationship which can be massively more profitable for you.

Example ways you can gather data and get permission to contact those extra Christmas customers:

  • Data capture cards in your premises – print up some comment/capture cards and place them prominently in your venue. Make sure staff encourage customers to complete them. Include space for an email address and ask customers to complete that if they’d like to receive email communications from you.
  • Add a data capture form to your website – this can be done in minutes using the built in data capture forms available with your account. Click here to see a demo which shows how you can set these up, or give our support team a call on 0845 299 0119
  • Run a text-in system from your print adverts, flyers and even in-premises or on your website. Get people to text in their email address so you can gather data no matter where they are. This is free to set up on your account – click here for a tutorial on this.

All of these methods can be enhanced by offering your customers an incentive – this could be the offer of a discount off their next purchase or entry into a competition to win a prize.

Once you’ve gathered your data it’s important to get in touch as soon as possible, so that your new subscribers remember you. Event if it’s just a quick note to say thanks for subscribing and that you’ll be in touch after Christmas. Taking a small step like this can greatly increase your response rates.

Implement a programme like this now and when the Christmas rush is over you’ll have a fantastic pool of new contacts that you can market to in your quieter periods, letting you boost your sales at minimum cost.