Just another manic Monday

3 minute read

You will have found it hard to remain unaware of the impact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have had on our retail environment lately – a recent survey estimates that only 17% of UK shoppers have no idea what everyone is talking about.


So with big name brands driving the market there’s no doubt that these once American traditions have now taken hold in the UK. Black weekend sales are estimated at over £1.3bn. The UK has seen around 25% increase in retail activity over the same period in 2013 and Cyber Monday is now widely regarded as the busiest online shopping day of the year. Estimates are that up to 80% of UK shoppers planned to hit the mouse (more than 5 times those who prefer to hit the high street) on Black Friday and 62% on Cyber Monday, and we’ve still got Manic Monday to look forward to.

It all adds up to a very busy week at Sign-Up.to. Email volume through the Sign-Up.to platform has been growing steadily throughout this quarter, peaking at a new all time daily record immediately prior to Black Friday. Not surprisingly traffic all of this week has been substantially increased – averaging over 3 times the normal seasonal send volumes.

Given the high volume of emails being sent at this time there’s been much talk in the media of email fatigue. Along with the anticipated volume increase of email traffic data shows that senders looking for the optimum attention window in the run up to this weekend have also been more likely to turn to multi-email campaigns over a single day. Competition for email attention has never been higher so whatever you are doing to stand out – it’s time to up your game.

And it’s just the beginning. Manic Monday is a little over a week away – with an estimated £470,000 spend per minute it’s potentially the largest retail day to date, and Christmas holiday sales typically continue to climb with only a brief dip due to pre-Christmas shipping deadlines. Then there’s Christmas day and Boxing day of course, both huge days for online and high-street retail activity.

It’s clear that Black/Cyber/Manic has become a period that for retailers has a significant impact on annual profits and for email marketers has therefore become increasingly important to manage. For all of us, as consumers and as humans, whether you love it or hate it, it’s certainly become hard to ignore.