How to? … grow my subscriber database

6 minute read

One of the most asked questions is ‘how can I grow my subscriber database’ – so here are 5 techniques to use.

1. Add a form to your website

This is probably the easiest way to gather new subscribers. You’ll find how to create your subscription form in the Collect section of your account. General advice is to keep it as short and simple as possible. People are busy and suspicious, so only collect what you need straight away – there’ll be other opportunities to go back and add more insights later on and, if you can, even avoid using mandatory and optional fields. Any noise here will distract people from your goal of completing the form. You’ll find options to brand your form so that it’s nicely consistent with your website.


Finally link the form to the list that you want the data to flow into and post it to your site. Whenever the details are completed and form is submitted the data will be automatically captured into your associated list and subscriber profile fields.

2. Create a pop-over form

A pop-over form is a variation of the static form – one of those forms which temporarily pops up if you hover long enough over a certain web page or article. They work in the same way as a static form but have the advantage of being slightly more targeted and immediate.
But be careful. They can be annoying so make sure that if you use a pop-over form they are appropriate to the content being displayed and only appear once. Pop-over forms require a little bit of coding but are simple to implement and proven to be effective. Let us know if you need help to do this.

3. Use a text to subscribe

One of the advantages of the platform is the combination of both email and SMS channels. Text-to-subscribe is a great way to allow your customers to respond to your adverts and promotions when they’re away from their computer. With one text message they can subscribe to your SMS and email mailing lists and receive immediate automated responses.

For example, one of our customers posted a message on their restaurant menu inviting people to sign up to receive their latest email offers. All guests had to do was send a text message containing a keyword and their email address to our UK shortcode, 61211. The guest instantly received a welcome text message and an email was sent straight to their inbox. It’s easy to include offer details or vouchers in the email and the SMS, so you can create your own incentives for people to use the service.

4. Ask at your point of sale

The secret to gaining permission is actually quite simple – just ask. Whether it’s online as part of your checkout process or physically in your restaurant, hotel or shop asking for a subscription at your point of sale is a great way to catch people when they are most engaged – after all they’re already at the point of making a purchase. There are lots of ways to do this from printed cards to online invitations to complete feedback surveys or reviews. The principles are largely the same – don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t forget to make it clear what people are subscribing to and why it will be of benefit – to them.

5. Convert your social followers

Growing your followers on your social media networks is a good strategy. However if you want to create a true one-to-one relationship with your social fans ultimately you’ll need to direct them to your subscription process. Converting your social fans to email subscribers is a major step in your developing relationship. There are lots of advantages but perhaps the most important is that with this in place there is no longer an intermediary monitoring and selectively screening your communications – the relationship is now directly between you and your subscriber. The principles of converting social followers to subscribers is the same – make it quick and simple, set clear expectations about the nature of your ongoing relationship and spell out the benefit.

Finally, however you choose to attract new subscribers, remember that people are rightly concerned with security so don’t forget to let them know that you’ll respect their data and privacy.